Technology Used

The location of underground leaks can be a costly exercise caused by having to dig up large areas in order to ascertain the position of the leak. Using the latest technology, we are able to isolate the location of the leak and therefore eliminate any unnecessary and costly digging.

Hydrogen Gas

The Gas (H2) Method is based on the injection of a low concentration hydrogen gas into the leakage object. Hydrogen gas penetrates leakages more easily than any other medium. Hydrogen gas rises, and even penetrates materials as dense as concrete. H2 is the chemical formula for Hydrogen – the lightest of all gases.

Ground Microphone

Ground Microphone combines a new, high sensitivity sensor with proven ease of use, enabling leaks to be detected over a greater distance, and background noise to be more easily suppressed, than with conventional sounding equipment. A hand-held probe is used on fittings or in soft ground conditions. Confirming the leak location is essential to ensure that excavation is accurately targeted. It also speeds up the repair of the leak.

Rd 4000 pipe locator

Highest performance digital Receiver even in the presence of interference
Fast, clear, positive response even in congested areas. Multiple active frequencies and modes provides sophisticated location tools. Peak, null and single antenna modes
Position and depth measurement. Current measurement to identify individual networks

Real Sound – audible perception of locating dynamics. High output Transmitters to locate deep utilities and handle complex locates; T3 – 3watt and T10 – 10 watt. Fault finding and cable and pipe integrity measurement. Current direction – RD patented

FLEXRODS and Sonde

FlexRods are constructed of durable glass fibre rod in a polypropylene sleeve. They provide a means of rodding and locating a sewer, drain or duct when there is no need to inspect with a camera. Resistant to abrasion, most solvents, oils and acids, FlexRods can be used with all Radiodetection Sonde and Mouse transmitters with M10 threaded ends.

Shaun Karp Leak Detectors

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